Compact Electric Vehicles | Sit on tow tractor

Sit on tow tractor

Sit on Tow Tractors 2000kg/4000kg/5000kg/7000kg

Seated operator, 3 wheel tractor

Professional cabs available, with PVC or metal doors*

Rear load platform*

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These industry benchmark compact tow tractors have once again raised the bar. A quiet and low-maintenance workhorse with an excellent turning radius and up to 7000kg towing capacity.

This heavy weight tractor series, which have been manufactured for over ten years, is continuously upgraded and improved. Thousands of these machines have been produced and are still on the market. Power and performance are delivered through an AC motor powertrain. All the units come with a long list of standard ergonomic and safety features.

The driver's position is designed to provide an optimum level of comfort, includes a generously sized seat and storage compartment. The dashboard features an instrument that signals the battery charge status and hours worked.

Safety devices: the machine conforms to the accident prevention regulations in force as to components, performance, and stability.

Compliance with the regulations in force and CE certification.

Sit on Tow Tractor up to 2000kg or 4000kg

Sit on tow tractor 2000kg or 5000kg

Sit on tow tractor up to 7000kg

Sit on tow tractor with rear collector up to 7000kg


  • Sit on Tow Tractors 2000kg/4000kg/5000kg/7000kg
  • With or without cabins


  • Pneumatic Wheels 10 PR
  • Non marking super elastic wheels
  • Seat Grammer MSG 20
  • Front metal protection
  • Rubber lateral bumper
  • Rotating beacon with support
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Inching-rear buttons low speed backwards/forward
  • Windscreen
  • Kit lateral mirrors on metal support
  • Lectern A4 (with lateral mirror only)
  • Battery roller table one place
  • Automatic Hook – Orlandi
  • Automatic Hook – Orlandi – Electrical release Man on Board
  • Professional cab, with PVC or metal doors.
  • Cab Heaters* * specific models

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