Sit on Tow Tractor up to 2000kg or 4000kg

2 Variants 2000kg or 4000kg

Designed for optimum level of comfort

Covered cab options

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Thousands of these machines have been produced and are still on the market around Europe. This tractor series has been manufactured for over ten years and is continuously upgraded and improved.

These tractors can work both inside and outside and come with a range of options: tyres or superelastic wheels, with or without a cab. Due to the continual design programme a significant number of options are available to compliment the model to suit all your towing needs and applications.

Both 2000kg and 4000kg variants are three-wheel tractors ready to cover medium/standard distances and comes with an electronic system that controls both quickening and regenerative slowing down of the vehicle. The vehicle also features an electronic system that monitors this type of braking system, which last longer and provide a better performance.


  • Tow tractor 2000kg
  • Tow tractor 4000kg


  • Pneumatic Wheels 10 PR
  • Super elastic wheels
  • Non marking super elastic wheels
  • Front metal protection
  • Rubber lateral bumper
  • Rotating beacon with support
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Front Hook
  • Inching – rear buttons low speed backwards/forward
  • Windscreen

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