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Improve your carbon footprint and also lower your costs with our exciting range of electric vehicles

Compact is one of the leading suppliers of electric vehicles in the UK. Our range of electric vehicles are perfect for a wide range of applications for commercial, industrial and government uses. With no noise, no pollution and no CO2 emissions, the benefits of upgrading your commercial vehicle fleet are huge! Environmentally friendly and energy efficient with low running costs and no road tax, electric vehicles are the future to all businesses looking for effective transport solutions.

Versatile and cost effective transportation

Electric vehicles provide a cost effective solution for people transportation, moving materials and performing grounds care tasks. Many of our vehicles are multi-purpose and can be customised with attachments such as wire cages to secure heavy loads and watering systems for plant and flowers maintenance.

The versatility of electric vehicles makes them ideal for local authorities and councils that need reliable vehicles to meet sustainability requirements as well as cutting fuel costs. Many commercial organisations have also switched on to the flexibility and cost savings that electric vehicles can give you and we are increasingly getting orders from businesses who want to take advantage of eco-friendly transportation and the low running costs that they offer.

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