Electric Chassis Cab

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Versatile Electric vehicles offer the perfect easy loading and practical solution for fixing own body for advertising or food delivery or vending -hot-cold.

Load Protection

Robust and Durable


Innovative Design

Our range of Electric vehicles is multi-purpose with a large load area.

Compact and ideal for narrow roads our electric vehicles are economical, eco-friendly and superbly designed. Used extensively by medical or food delivery/vending services.

For convenience, there is also a secure storage compartment under the platform bed and this can be used to store tools and personal items.

To find out more about our excellent range of electric chassis cab vehicles,  contact us  now and speak to one of our specialist team.


  • Wide : 1,20 m
  • Long chassis : +50


  • Long (N1) or short Chassis (L6e)

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If you are interested in a cost effective, greener solution, we can help you find the vehicle that suits your requirements.

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