Goupil is the European leader in the manufacturer of electric vehicles with over twenty versions available on a modular chassis. Goupil’s range of electric vehicles includes the groundbreaking G3 and the highly innovative G5 and G5 hybrid models. Goupil vehicles are renowned for being environmentally friendly, pollution-free, compact, highly manoeuvrable, robust, reliable, ergonomic and comfortable.

In 2011, Polaris – a world leader in sports and utility vehicles - announced the acquisition of Goupil Industrie, further strengthening its position in the electric vehicle market.

There are a wide variety of adaptable and versatile vehicles in the Goupil range including tippers, drop side vehicles, box vans, caged vans, fridge vans, watering and high-pressure washer vans, litter bin collectors and combined options such as the caged van with pressure washer and the caged van leaf collector. Goupil provides some of the most versatile electric utility vehicles in the world and they have earned a superb reputation for the quality and flexibility of their vehicle options.

Used widely by local authorities across Europe and beyond, Goupil vehicles are ideal for parks and garden maintenance, street cleaning, industrial site maintenance and a diverse range of other applications.

Economic and cost-effective, Goupil vehicles require no fuel and their ability to travel silently means that they are frequently used for early morning operations such as bin collecting, street furniture cleaning, and watering plants in urban settings. Their compact design also enables them to work safely in pedestrianised areas - causing no disruption to other traffic.

With no congestion zone charges and no road tax to pay it's little wonder that so many businesses are choosing Goupil electric and hybrid vehicles for their transportation needs.

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