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Isothermal / refrigerated body

Reinforced driving cell

On-board battery charger

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Perfect for delivering perishable goods to retail operations and home consumers

Our range of refrigerated vans are perfect for transporting perishable foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish etc and they are also ideal for transporting medical products, flowers and other items that need cold storage whilst on the move.

The compact size of our refrigerated vans makes them easy to navigate in narrow roads and being electric, the absence of CO2 and noise emissions make them an eco-friendly choice for delivering refrigerated products.

Robust in build and economical to run, our refrigerated vans can also be used inside large warehouses to fill up refrigerated cabinets in retail units and also inside hospitals to transport medical supplies that need to be kept at a certain temperature.

In addition, they are ideal for delivering cold goods to shops and for home food deliveries.

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