Pedestrian Tow Tractor

Pulling Capacity 2000kg/3000kg

Powerful A.C. Motor

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These Pedestrian Tow Tractors are specifically designed to push or tow materials that would otherwise have to be shifted by hand or by other unsuitable means.

Automatic electric braking

Remote Control - optional

Our Pedestrian range of electric tugs enable you to easily move and accurately manoeuvre trailers, bins, carts and trolleys over a level, or sloping surfaces. It can be used in a great many situations: hospitals, stations or airports, automotive and other manufacturing industries, towing boats, caravans to storage facilities, etc.

Pedestrian tow tractor up to 2000Kgs

Pedestrian tow tractor up to 3000Kgs


  • Electric Lifting Hitch
  • Remote Control
  • 1500kg/2000kg/3000kg towing capacity


  • Inching – Rear buttons low Speed backwards / forward
  • Tiller fixed at the frame, pivoting front wheel
  • Rotating beacon with support
  • Additional Ballast 180 Kg.

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