About Us

Compact Fork Trucks was established in 2001 when two former senior members of STILL UK identified an opportunity to provide cost-effective materials handling solutions in the West Midlands.

With over 40 years of experience in the commercial vehicle sector and a commitment to make electric vehicles the leading solution to utility vehicle transportation across the UK, we saw the technical advances in the technology available for electric vehicles and were more than equipped to extend our range into this marketplace.

There is a growing demand for zero-emission electric cars, vans and commercial vehicles and at Compact Electric Vehicles we aim to be a leading player in meeting these demands. The automotive sector is going through a lot of change and there is a consumer, business and political drive to move to more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Our mission is to help local authorities and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and make a viable contribution to the sustainability of the planet. By saving fuel and reducing pollution, businesses who update their fleets with electric vehicles can make a strong statement about their ‘green’ credentials and at the same time, make significant savings on their bottom line.