DEC S.p.A has been active in the electric machine industry since 1970 and, backed by their experience, has been manufacturing electric towing tractors and industrial floor scrubbers/dryers since 1996.

The company addresses the European market and beyond with a sales network that covers almost all European countries and measures itself against the other industries in the sector daily.

The philosophy that allows us to operate successfully in that market is fundamentally based on our 'know-how' and professional integrity.

One of the key features is the ability to adapt the machines to suit the customers' specific requirements. Therefore, our ongoing commitment is to:

• upgrade and constantly improve the range

• assist customers on technical and commercial issues

• ensure rapid, prompt deliveries

• provide a technical/commercial hotline

• supply spare parts within 24/48 hours

• create a friendly and working relationship with the customers

Nurturing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is the mission, thereby ensuring that business relations are positive and enduring.