GEM electric vehicles have the versatility, choice and flexibility to deal with a multitude of different tasks. From delivery, distribution and maintenance to waste management, security patrol and people transportation, GEM has a diverse range of vehicles to suit your needs. Ideal for local authorities, property management, airports, hotels, leisure sites, colleges and universities, Gem offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly vehicle solution.

As a market leader in the low-speed vehicle industry (LSV) more than 50,000 GEM vehicles have been sold worldwide and their custom build and design options make them one of the most highly sought-after electric vehicles on the market.

All GEM vehicles are 100% electric and they can be charged from any standard three-pin domestic electric point using the built-in onboard charger. Some models can be homologated to use on the road, are virtually silent when in operation and produce zero emissions so they are perfect for use indoors as well as at time-sensitive parts of the day.

Whether you’re moving people or goods, GEM electric vehicles are the ideal solution. You don’t always need a large heavy goods vehicle to do the job for you and with a significantly lower cost of ownership compared to a standard vehicle, GEM utility vehicles make more economical sense. Renowned for being efficient, robust, and enjoyable to drive, GEM vehicles deliver on several levels.

GEM vehicles are built to handle almost any job. They are reliable, durable, and offer all the flexibility you would want from a leading-edge utility vehicle.

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