Sit on tow tractor with rear collector up to 7000kg

Rider on Seated Unit included:

Suspended seat Grammer B12 with security belt retractor.

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Tractor with excellent characteristics, both as to performance and long-lasting reliability. This unit can tow 7 tons, can be used indoors and outdoors and is able to climb steep slopes. Its high-capacity battery allows it to continue operating for a considerable time.

Super elastic Wheels

Reversing Buzzer

Rotation beacon with supportInching – rear buttons low speed backwards/forward

We recommend this vehicle when you have a heavy workload and medium - long distances need to be covered. The machine has bumper suspensions allowing the operator to work in comfort even on irregular floor surfaces. Its high-capacity battery allows considerable operating time. The battery can be removed either vertically or sideways for replacement. If the battery is removed sideways, we can supply a roller unit on request so that it can be conveyed to the recharging area.

It can be equipped with various optional, such as the Rockinger hitch, starting by ID badge, indoor outdoor speed selector and many other features. The machine can also be fitted with a cab available in three versions: open, with PVC doors or steel / glass doors. Depending on the type, the cabs are equipped with rear view mirrors, windscreen wipers, revolving beacon, heating system and various other options.


  • Cabins Options:
  • Cabin without Door
  • Cabin with PVC Door (inc: mirrors, wipers, rotating beacon)
  • Cabin with Metal Door (inc: mirrors, wipers, rotating beacon)
  • Kit Front windscreen washer cabin
  • Cabin Heating


  • Non marking super elastic wheels
  • Seat Grammer MSG 20
  • Rubber lateral bumper
  • Front hook
  • Automatic Hook – Orlandi
  • Automatic Hook – Orlandi – Electrical release Man on Board
  • Battery roller table one place

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