EMT - Electric Modular Transportation

Self-propelled/remote controlled transporters

Integrated Power Packs

This compact vehicle is available with 2, 4 and 6 axle lines

Up to 1,000 t payload

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Cometto is the worldwide leading full-range manufacturer of special road vehicles for heavy load and special transport. Modular vehicles and self-propelled trailers that we produce are used to transport anything exceptionally heavy, long, wide or tall! The brand portfolio includes transport solutions for payloads from 15t to 15,000t ... and beyond.

Connect & drive: easy and fast to configure

Up to 1,000 t payload

Smart and efficient control

The best corrosion protection on the market

Far-reaching customer service

Safety, availability and efficiency100% in-house production

EMT is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its large diameter cushion tyres. EMT applications ranging from the production lines to the stocking area of finished products. The standard models can be equipped with 2 or 3 axle lines coupled in back to back or side by side with a total capacity up to 200 t.

EMT is a self-loading transporter and guarantees the lowest loading height available on the market with 420 mm of suspension stroke and balanced load distribution system. Multidirectional steering and multifunctional remote control allow for better manoeuvrability. Power units and electric wheel motors ensure zero emissions and the total absence of noise during operation.

The position of each wheel axle is electronically controlled by an encoder. The EMT self-propelled transporter can rapidly change direction, from the front drive to the side drive, from diagonal drive to carousel rotation.

The use of qualified suppliers, precision machining, attention to detail, make the Cometto self-propelled transporter versatile and sturdy, as well as pleasant and intuitive to drive; safe even in harsh work conditions.

The vehicles are used in the fields of heavy-duty transport, heavy industry, aviation, shipbuilding, oil & gas, offshore technology or project logistics.

Cometto has always been a pioneer in the introduction of new technologies as well as research into and development of innovative transport solutions in a rapidly changing world.


  • 4 Axles
  • 6 Axles
  • 8 Axles
  • Power packs

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