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Leaf Collector

Leaf Collector

Leaf Collector

  • This equipment is designed to be fitted on a G3L, long wheel base
  • Tipping deck
  • Cage
  • Net over cage
Leaf Collector

Leaf Collector


Leaf Collector options coming soon.

Leaf Collector

Leaf Collector


Leaf Collector variants coming soon.

Leaf Collector

Additional Information

Through its design, the electric leaf collector is simple to operate and to maintain.

Manufactured on the same basis as the petrol powered leaf collectors, it benefits from many years of experiencec from the manufacturer.

The noise level has been considerably reduced : only the blower noise is left, thus not requiring ear protections during operation. 78.5 dB.

The vehicule can be used as a tipper only.

Driven by a 2000W motor, with a turbine rotation speed of 3000 rev/mn, this collector benefits from performances equivalent to a vacuum cleaner equipped with a 9CV heat motor.

100% electric : low operating costs, compared with the heat model.

Presence of an air shutter at the turbine inlet in case the hose wrenches.

The cost effective electric vehicle for parks and gardens maintenance

If you are looking for an effective and versatile vehicle to deal with groundcare requirements such as leaf collection then our range of Goupil G3 Electric Vehicles is the ideal solution.

With a rated load up to 700 kg, the Goupil G3 is a reliable and cost effective vehicle that will enable you to carry out extensive leaf collection in parks, gardens and cemeteries.

The Goupil G3 is simple to operate and runs virtually silently. Only the leaf blower noise can be heard and no ear protection is required by the operator,

With low pressure tyres, this vehicle can easily be driven onto lawns without causing any damage and the vehicle’s versatility also allows it to be used as a tipper only.

To find out more about the Goupil G3 leaf collector then please contact us now.

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