Self-Propelled Heavy Industrial Systems

Model 1 - APOLLO SYSTEM 2.0

Model 2 - VOYAGER

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With sixty years of experience in the field of transport and the installation of heavy machinery, the idea of creating systems that can facilitate the movement and introduction of the same in heavy duty installations that maybe in cramped environments with damaged or difficult to manage floors is born.

Apollo - lt is made up of three trolleys which have to be set up as a triangle on which setting the load. Once the item it is been placed on the equipment, the Apollo it is ready to go just turn on the key and drive the load wherever needed by acting on the joystick on the radio control unit.

One set it is made of a power pack, front dolly, self-propelled and steerable + 2 rear idle dollies.

Thanks to the radio remote control one operator can easily control the load, safely!

They are the heart of the system and are available with power supply in the electric and battery version, for a diversified use in the workplace.

Compact and efficient dollies allow great oscillation and excellent adherence to the ground. Traction wheels coated with an EXCLUSIVE polymer.

Exclusive features guarantee perfect weight distribution on all wheels, even during climbs and descents from various steps and obstacles. Innovation our Passion!

Voyager - arises from the need to transport ever heavier goods in industrial handling.

Assembly and movement of machine tools, energy, aerospace, naval and nuclear sectors are some of the areas in which this machine can make the difference.

Its technical features have been studied to achieve the highest capacity/size ratio in the world and the model was patented in 2019.


  • Tracking dollies
  • Choice of head size and weights
  • Power packs

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