Electric Tipper

Aluminium deck

Lifted by hydraulic cylinder. Safety device : no return valve and safety in position: safety prop in raised position in elevated position

3 side opening

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The ideal ‘stop and go’ electric tipper vehicle for urban maintenance

Not disrupting traffic when performing operations such as bin collection

The reduction of operating costs in urban areas

The reduction of noise pollution

Compact size which allows for working in pedestrian areas

Pollution-free operations

Electric Tipper vehicles are ideal for stop and go journeys in city centres such as bin collecting, urban street furniture cleaning and providing electrical watering solutions. Based on the forklift truck technology, the chassis is very robust and is designed to carry payloads of up to 700kg.

Electric Tippers are perfectly adapted to stop and go short journeys and when it is stationary it is not using any energy so they are very cost effective to operate.

Electric Tippers are being widely sought after by local authorities who see the many benefits that they bring to urban maintenance. Ideal for working in parks, green spaces, cemeteries, stadiums and industrial sites, Electric Tippers offer high performance, operational efficiency and sustainable development.

To find out more about our excellent range of Electric Tipper Vehicles and to see how your business or local authority could benefit from their use, please contact us now and speak to one of our specialist team.


  • Wide dropside pick up : 1,20 m
  • Long chassis : +50 cm


  • Cage
  • Canvas on cage
  • Electric watering and spraying system
  • Electric high pressure cleaner
  • Tool box & Tipper
  • High pressure cleaner & Tipper

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