Stand on tow tractor

3 Wheel Tow Tractor

3000kg & 5000kg

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Latest generation standing tractor combines excellent performance with a modern design that opts for innovative solutions and materials

Display Interactive – Selector speed Hare - Tortoise

Emergency button/ Stop parking

Adjustable back rest

Battery quick release device

These electric towing trucks have an energy-efficient motor which provides smooth acceleration, improving productivity.

Designed for order picking and horizontal transport in manufacturing, the stand-on model is easy to get on and off. This standing tractor that can have pneumatic wheels, providing more comfort, and the battery on the posterior axle to give extraordinary stability in every driving conditions.

The machine is operated by an AC system so, besides driving it, the motor also functions as a regenerative brake when the operator releases the accelerator.

Stand on tow tractor up to 3000Kgs

Stand on tow tractor up to 5000kg


  • Non marking super elastic wheels
  • Rotating beacon with support
  • Rubber lateral bumper
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Inching-rear buttons low speed backwards/forward
  • Kit lateral mirrors on metal support
  • Battery roller table one place
  • Lectren A4 (with lateral mirror only)
  • Automatic Hook – Orlandi

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