Faymonville Group - Cometto at a glance:

Faymonville Group - Cometto at a glance:

Independent family company with more than 1100 employees.

Brand portfolio with transport solutions for 15 tonnes to 15,000 tonnes … and beyond.

5 production facilities in Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Russia with a production area of around 150,000m²

The production capacity of 3,000 vehicle units per year with 283 million euros in sales in 2019 and export activities to more than 125 countries.

As a family business, we have grown over six generations from a small forge to an industry leader.

We consider our roots as the basis of an innovative and sustainable future.

100% in-house manufacturing - We trust our optimised production processes, modern techniques and highly qualified employees.

As quality leaders, we apply the highest standards to ourselves in order to guarantee the perfect quality of our vehicles.

The close integration of production sites plays a decisive role in ensuring an optimal production dynamic. All sites deliver each other, and each has its own focus and competence with its own identity.

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