Electric Burden Carrier

Complete system lights by LED

Rear deck up to 1500kg and up to 6000kg tow capacity

Vertical extraction battery

Inching – Rear buttons low Speed backwards / forward

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Highly manoeuvrable and renowned for their safety, the ideal vehicle for the warehouse environment

Cost Effective

Highly Manoeuvrable




Electric Burden Carriers are perfect for transporting pallets, goods and equipment indoors or outdoors. They can be equipped with cabs, heaters, hard and soft doors and a wide range of other options depending on your requirements.

Electric Burden Carriers are built for eco-friendly applications in suburban areas, leisure parks, large industrial areas and can also be used indoors. Renowned for their safety, manoeuvrability, low maintenance costs and durability, our range of Electric Burden Carriers are built to last.

Electric Burden Carriers offer a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness in any warehousing application. Made to negotiate narrow aisles, this highly manoeuvrable vehicle provides an excellent ergonomic advantage to the operator by bringing them closer to the material to be picked.

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