Mouvers born from necessity and passion is based in Padua, the crucial centre of the economy and logistics in Veneto, a crossroads of goods and products that move from south to north and from east to west in Europe.

Here both design and construction are performed, strictly “Made in Italy” both in the workings and the supply of components. Over the years, various machines with different flow rates and specific types were developed for different customers, and Mouvers has continued to develop new techniques and targeted solutions to handle increasingly large and heavy goods.

With sixty years of experience in the transport industry and installation of heavy machinery, often performed in difficult conditions and limited space, Mouvers had the idea of ​​creating a system that could facilitate the introduction of such machinery for places you could not get with cranes. After two years of research and development, work began in 1999 with the first trolley called “Apollo 30” which could handle 30 tons.

The advantage of this project is that it was developed by the user with extensive experience in handling and a great passion for mechanics and technique. This union gave birth to a technically adequate machine for the necessity of internal handling. In 2001 we officially established the new reality: MOUVERS SRL, which is destined to develop this and other types of heavy load handling systems.