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Upgrade your commercial vehicle fleet with our superb range of electric vehicles.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your commercial vehicle fleet to include electric vehicles or you're looking for more environmentally friendly transport for your business, then our range of electric vehicles are the ideal choice.

At Compact Electric Vehicles we stock a wide range of new and second hand electric vehicles to suit your budget. Our 100% Electric Vehicles benefit from producing no noise, no pollution and no CO2 emissions so for environmentally-conscious businesses they offer a superb solution.

With fuel prices rising and businesses increasingly taking their green concerns seriously, commercial electric vehicles are becoming the discerning choice for forward-thinking companies.

Electric Vehicles are perfect for town centre deliveries, maintenance use at theme parks, leisure parks and tourist sites and for a wide range of industrial and cleaning uses. Their compact design enables them to traverse through areas where other commercial vehicles cannot, making them a versatile and flexible choice for your transportation needs.

With all the advantages of an electric vehicle and the range and speed of a petrol engine it’s little wonder why Electric Vehicles are now becoming so popular. Compact Electric Vehicles are the UK’s number 1 Electric Vehicle retailer so we can advise you on all aspects of Electric Vehicles and the benefits they can bring to your company. Contact us now to find out more.

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