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Electric Passenger Vehicle

Electric Passenger Vehicle

Electric Passenger Vehicle

  • Up to 1000kg payload
  • East to convert from 2- 4 seats
  • Turning radius 3.20m
  • width 1.10m
  • 1 ton pay load, 3 ton towing capacity
Electric Passenger Vehicle

Electric Passenger Vehicle


  • 2 / 4 seat Canopy
  • Towing hook with pin
  • A4 storage tray
Electric Passenger Vehicle

Electric Passenger Vehicle


  • 2 / 4 seats
  • Canopy

Electric Passenger Vehicle

Additional Information

  • Handbrake (including a contact
  • disabling the drive function
  • when the handbrake is on)
  • Emergency circuit breaker
  • Emergency on seat : presence
  • on driver seat
  • Electric brake energy recovery
  • Brake assistance system

The versatile solution for passenger transportation

If you’re looking for Electric Passenger Vehicles then we have an extensive range of vehicles that are sure to suit your requirements.

The Goupil G1 is a very flexible passenger and load carrying vehicle which is all electric. It can easily be converted from carrying 2 persons with a load deck to a 4 seater vehicle with a reduced load area. This makes it the ideal vehicle for parks, zoos, universities, tourist and leisure sites and also industrial applications.

There is an excellent range of accessories available for the G1 including canopies for 2 or 4 seat application and a drop side pick up load area.

The GEM range also offers 2 or 4 seat options with additional built in load carrying options. These Electric Passenger Vehicles are also well suited for parks, zoos, leisure sites. They can also be used for airport applications where there is a requirement to carry passengers to different terminals.

To find out more about our Electric Passenger Vehicles please get in touch.

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If you are interested in a cost effective, greener solution, we can help you find the vehicle that suits your requirements.

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Goupil G1

Goupil is the European leader in the manufacturer of Electric vehicles with over twenty versions available on a modular chassis. Goupil’s range of electric vehicles include the ground breaking G1.