Safe and comfortable cabin with excellent visibility

High power pressure washer

Ideal for cleaning duties in and around cities

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The convenient solution for watering and spraying flowers and plants in urban environments

30 litres/min with pressure switch

Electric motor 700W 48 V

Watering handgun with rose (1m)

Easy to use





The Goupil G3 Electric Vehicle can easily be adapted to meet all your watering and spraying requirements. From flower tub watering to treatment and spraying, the Goupil G3 is designed for urban maintenance of plants and flowers and is extensively used by Local Authorities in town and city centres, parks and gardens and tourist/leisure sites.

With no CO2 emissions and virtually silent running, watering and spraying can take place early in the morning or late at night without causing disturbance.

The Goupil G3 can be adapted to have a water tank mounted on a frame and all the cleaning equipment is designed so that it can easily be removed.

The cleaning system comes complete with a swivelling extension arm, automatic hose reel and telescopic handgun so it makes the watering and spraying of flowers and plants an easy to perform process.

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  • Swiveling extension arm
  • Automatic hose reel (15m)
  • Telescopic handgun with rose (2m)
  • 1 DOSMATIC proportioning pump
  • Adjustable from 0,5% to 2,5% or 1%to 5%

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