Electric Tricycle


Exclusive tilt system

Patented pendulum steering system

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An innovative electric tricycle developed for last mile delivery and postal rounds.

Easy Loading

Load Protection

Robust and Durable



Innovative Design

The stable, secure and innovative 3-wheel electric scooter

Flexible, safe, easy to drive and manoeuvre, the Pulse 3 is a 3-wheel electric vehicle fitted with Ligier Professional's exclusive tilt system.

This patented system allows the driver's controls to tilt by up to 30° when turning, ensuring maximum stability while driving and while stationary. The rear section of the vehicle remains level while turning, meaning that this micro-utility vehicle offers optimal security for the driver while carrying loads of up to 45kg in the rear compartment and 20kg on the front.

For more than a decade, Ligier Professional has been supplying European postal services with Pulse 3 vehicles to simplify their distribution and delivery operations. Designed with and for drivers, the Pulse 3 is ergonomic and easy to handle.

100% customisable, the Pulse 3 can be tailored to your needs. Just get in touch with our team to discuss your customised features.


  • L2e & L5e


  • Different types of cargo holders
  • The colour of your vehicle
  • The battery life/range
  • The front and backload ratings
  • Acceleration mapping

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