Electric ATV

Single 48—Volt, High – efficiency, AC-Induction Motor

1,000lb Payload

1,500lb Towing Capacity

2 Person Seating Capacity

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Strong, robust and ready to work, the Electric ATV is the perfect vehicle for off-road activity!


Low maintenance

Low running costs


Excellent torque

Silent to run

Electric ATVs are eco-friendly and cost-effective choices for off-road activities. Whether it’s for landscaping, farming, grounds maintenance, agricultural or industrial use, our range of Electric ATVs are built for power, productivity and sheer hard work.

The electric motor is virtually silent and the excellent level of torque provides immediate power and gets up to speed quickly. With a 1,500lb towing capacity, our Electric ATVS are ready to get to work!

One of the biggest selling points of the Electric ATV is the low maintenance and low running costs. With all-electric vehicles, charging to full is considerably less compared to a petrol or diesel counterpart, and because of the electric motor, Electric ATVs have fewer moving parts!

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