Compact Electric Vehicles | Electric 4X4 ATV


Single 48—Volt, High – efficiency, AC-Induction Motor

1,000lb Payload

1,500lb Towing Capacity

2 Person Seating Capacity

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Strong, robust and reliable, the perfect vehicle for off-road activity


Low maintenance

Low running costs


Excellent torque

Silent to run

With fuel prices fluctuating and environmental concerns being an important factor for many businesses, the Electric 4x4 ATV is the eco-friendly, cost effective choice for off road activity. Whether it’s for landscaping, farming, grounds maintenance, agricultural or industrial use, our range of Electric 4x4 ATVs are built for power, productivity and sheer hard work.

Virtually silent to run, all you will hear is the quiet hum from the electric motor. The torque is pretty impressive too. Electric motors have 100% of their torque available at an instant so getting up to speed quickly is no problem.

The low maintenance and running costs of Electric 4x4 ATVs is also a big selling feature. Running them from a full charge is a fraction of the cost of using fuel and because electric motors have less parts, this means there are fewer parts to wear out. No spark plugs, air, fuel or oil filters so they never need replacing!

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