Canvas Van

Compact size

Each side and rear open independently

A high level of comfort and performance

Ergonomic cab design

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The convenient solution for ‘stop and go’ short journeys

Aluminium tube frame

Rear and side zip opening

Clear front and rear panels for unrestricted view

Easy to drive

Environmentally friendly



Low running costs

With excellent loading capacity and superb reliability, our range of electric canvas vans makes a perfect choice for ‘stop and go’ short journeys.

The rear and side zip opening of the canvas makes the van interior easy to access and the ergonomic design of the cab makes it a very comfortable ride.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective, electric canvas vans offer flexibility for a variety of applications. Ideal for local councils, universities and colleges, and local delivery companies, the electric canvas van offers efficiency and cost effective transportation.

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  • Wide deck : 1,20 m
  • Long chassis G3-L : +50 cm

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If you are interested in a cost effective, greener solution, we can help you find the vehicle that suits your requirements.

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