Pressure Cleaner

Removable support and 400 l aluminium tank with quick fixation on tipper. Anti rolling bulkhead

Water level indicator

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Keeping pavements and street furniture clean across the country

Drain plug

Pump Inlet filter

400 l HP weight empty: 170 kg

Pressure 130 bars, flow 7 litres/mn

Maximum pressure adjustable between 50 and 130 bars

Electric motor 48V, 2kW

A double head cleaner lance: high and low pressure 10 bars, 10 litres/mn

Automatic reel with 15 m hose

The Goupil G3 Electric Vehicle can easily be adapted to meet all your urban high pressure cleaning requirements. From pavement cleaning to urban furniture cleaning, the flexibility of the Goupil G3 Electric Vehicle is extensively used by Local Authorities in town and city centres to keep the streets clean and to keep urban monuments in good condition.

With no CO2 emissions and virtually silent running, high pressure cleaning can take place early in the morning or late at night without causing disturbance.

All the cleaning equipment can easily be removed allowing the vehicle to be used for other purposes.

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  • Extension arm
  • 200l high pressure cleaner, compact version
  • Watering system with HP cleaner 400 litres

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