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Waste Collector

Waste Collector

Waste Collector

  • Aluminium Container
  • Elevated by hydraulic cylinder with non return valve and safety prop
  • 2 side loading hatches lockable in open position
  • 2 broom holders
  • Unloading maximum height : 1,40m
Waste Collector

Waste Collector


  • Tipping waste collector
  • High-pressure cleaner
Waste Collector

Waste Collector


Waste Collector variants coming soon.

Waste Collector

Additional Information

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Versatile
  • Silent
  • Excellent Capacity

The eco-friendly solution to urban waste collection requirements

Our range of Electric Vehicle Waste Collectors are specially designed for use in cities and towns, sport centres, railway stations, airports, camping sites and tourist centres. The Goupil G3 Electric Vehicle Waste Collector is the perfect solution for urban street cleaning requirements including bin collection and street and pavement maintenance.

With no CO2 emissions it is an eco-friendly choice and its ability to run virtually silently makes it ideal for using in early mornings and late at night without causing disturbance.

The narrow design of the vehicle allows it to traverse through narrow roads and with a rated load of up to 700 kg it offers excellent capacity.

Available as a Waste Tipping Collector or Waste Collector with Lambo Doors, the Goupil G3 is the perfect solution for Local Authorities that are looking for cost effective, environmentally-friendly and convenient waste collection solutions

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