Sit or Stand on tow tractor up to 800Kgs

Towing Capacity 800kg

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Thanks to their size, they are perfect for use in limited areas where staff or customers are present, such as hospitals, shopping centres, stations or airports.

Operator can sit or stand with this unit (optional when ordering)

Automatic parking brake

There are two versions available, with the option of the operator seated or standing. The rider-seated model is preferable when longer distances need to be covered, whilst the stand-on model is a higher preference when the operator is obliged to continuously get on and off the vehicle.

Although the units are small and compact, they possess first-rate drawbar pull and can tow up to 800 kg on a flat floor with countless hours of battery autonomy.

They are very easy to use, simply like riding a scooter: guidance handlebar, throttle grip, brake lever. A high frequency on-board battery charger is available on request.


  • Seated
  • Standing


  • Rotating beacon with support
  • High frequency on-board battery charger

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