Sit or Stand on tow tractor up to 1000Kgs

Operating time - six hours on average

Steering System - comprising a handlebar equipped with throttle-grip, reverse lever, brake lever, ignition key, battery charge indicator.

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This popular sitting or standing machine 1000kg indoor tow tractor has been in manufacture for over 10 years and to date thousands of these units have been sold all over the world.

Regenerative electronic braking

Automatic electric parking brake

Superelastic non-marking tyres

This sitting or standing machine is ideally for indoor use, with its small size frame for light or heavy work, for example, towing cages and caddy trucks or for somewhat heavier jobs, such as towing trailers in industrial facilities. The guiding framework is easy to utilise, being equivalent to that of a trike.

These machines are accessible in two adaptations: rider situated or standing. The vehicle is perfect for work where the operator is required to constantly jump on and off the vehicle, while the seated version is better for lengthy handling or repetitive jobs. The battery pack can be removed vertically or sideways for easy, quick replacement and the battery charger can be installed on the vehicle on demand.


  • Operator Standing
  • Operator Sitting


  • Rotating beacon with support
  • Rubber lateral bumper
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Kit extraction lateral battery
  • Battery roller table one place

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