Sit on 4-wheel 2-seater tow tractor with rear deck up to 1500kg and up to 6000kg tow capacity

Emergency button

Complete system lights by LED

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This 6000kg lorry is a heavy duty electric vehicle, with a large loading and pulling capacity for easy transport. With comfortable seating for driver and passenger and with industry leading 1500kg Loading Capacity and 6000kg Pulling Capacity.

Hydraulic braking by brake drum on the four wheels

Vertical extraction battery

Roll Bar and Flash beacon

Reversing buzzer

Inching – Rear buttons low

Speed backwards / forward

Hook three position

Double Suspended seat Grammer B12 with security belt retractor

The 6000kg tow tractor is a tractor-transporter with loading platform. An easy to use, versatile, sturdy vehicle that provides excellent performance. It can transport loads of up to 1.5 Tons and tow loads of up to 6 tons both indoors and outdoors. It comes in the open version or with cab. In both cases, it features two well-sized, comfortable seats equipped with seat belts. The cab is complete with windscreen wiper, revolving beacon, rear view mirrors and reverse gear. It can also be equipped with a heating or air conditioning system. The loading platform can be fitted with side panels, be supplied in the curtainsider version or with other equipment on request. The floor in the driver's position is very low, which makes it easier for the operator to get in and out of the vehicle. The Lorry has front and rear axle suspensions: this makes the machine very stable during unloading and loading operations. This characteristic is enhanced by the special tyred wheels which can be fitted on request. The Lorry tractor has an electro-hydraulically power-assisted drive. Both the electronic control and traction motor are AC System and, similarly to all the other machine components, are in Class III. As part of the standard equipment, the machine comes with a three-position hitch. Automatic hitches with or without electrical release can be fitted on request. When it needs to be replaced, the high-capacity battery can be removed both vertically and sideways, since it rests on rollers.


  • Cabin WITH METALLIC DOORS included; Mirrors, wipers, rotating beacon
  • Cabin Heating
  • Kit – front Windscreen washer (with cabin)


  • Super elastic wheels
  • No Marking Super elastic wheels
  • Seat Grammer MSG 20
  • Kit Lateral mirror on metal support
  • Lectern A4 (with lateral mirror only)
  • Automatic hook – Orlandi
  • Automatic hook – Orlandi – Electrical release Man on board
  • Front hook
  • Lateral extraction battery
  • Roller table on place

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