Pedestrian tow tractor up to 3000Kgs

Towing/pushing up to 3000kg

Autonomy - 7/8 working time with small/medium workload.

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Designed for towing or pushing heavy loads on larger heavy-duty wheels. Small machine with superior towing capabilities up to 3000kg

Ideal for use in transportation of large/heavy quantities of goods for many different sectors: hospitals, stations or airports, automotive and other manufacturing industries, boat storage and many more. This compact machine obviously does away with the effort of manual work while speeding up the operations themselves. The basic machine, has a comes with a standard tow hook, but a hitch with three height positions can be supplied on request.

The model has an electrically lifted plate at the rear which allows the material to be towed to be coupled by the lifting action of the hitch itself. This system can also be installed on a rotating support, called H, which allows both towing tractor and load to achieve wide steering angles.

The remote controlled model is designed for towing rows of caddies/trolleys in both the manual mode and by remote control.


  • Electric Lifting Hitch
  • Remote Control

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