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Why Your Fleet Should Go Green for the Last Mile

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Forget about going the extra mile, with an increased demand for online shopping there is a greater need for more efficient, sustainable and quick delivery options. Because of that, it’s time we focus on the last mile and the impact those deliveries have on our environment.

Electric vehicles are an excellent solution to this complex problem, and in this blog, we will explore how and why businesses that offer last-mile delivery services should consider electric vehicles to get their deliveries to their final destination.

Protect the planet

The amount of miles delivery vehicles cover in a day is extremely high and so is the amount of fumes they release. It’s worrying when you also consider that they are mainly delivering to urban areas. Therefore, the fact that one of the many benefits of driving an electric vehicle is that it produces zero emissions is huge and making the switch from petrol to battery power is an easy way to help reduce pollution and improve air quality.

The vehicles from the Ligier Group are dedicated to changing the way our goods are delivered. These vehicles are eco-friendly, versatile and available in a selection of configurations. One option is the Liger Electric Box Van which has a large loading area and easy-to-access lockable roller doors, making it perfect for ‘stop and go’ services.

Ligier Electric Delivery Box Van

Alongside this, the Ligier Electric Refrigerated Van is a good choice for grocery deliveries as it has a Coldway refrigeration and, based on your needs, provides you with an isothermal or refrigerated box.

Ligier Electric Refrigerated Delivery Van

With an option to configure the rear, the vehicles in the Pulse 4 range allow for other professions such as local authorities and groundskeepers to go green too!

Lower running costs

Compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts, electric vehicles are much cheaper to run and maintain. Because of fewer moving parts, the vehicles suffer less wear and tear.

Speaking specifically of the vehicles in the Pulse 4 range, charging can be done anytime, anywhere via a domestic socket and they feature an anti-corrosion aluminium chassis and lithium batteries (which come as standard may I add).

Do not disturb

It’s not just the environment electric delivery vehicles are helping. Through their electric transmission, they also help the battle against noise pollution. With most drivers covering areas that are more built-up, electric delivery vehicles disturb the neighborhood much less.

Government funded

Under a lot of pressure to reduce our emissions, the UK government have introduced a variety of grants to encourage businesses to positively power their vehicles. One example of a government grant available for electric utility vehicles is the Plug-in Vehicle Grant (PIVG) which offers a maximum discount of up to £8,000 for electric vans or light trucks.

Get positive brand recognition

As we discussed, the value an electric van can bring to your business is huge. Not only for the protection of the planet but also demonstrating your dedication to protect it. No one wants bad press and a great example of showcasing how forward-thinking and conscious your business is, is by introducing electric delivery vehicles to get the goods over the finish line.

Leading the charge on this is the Royal Mail who have recently announced the addition of 3,000 electric postal vehicles to their fleet. With the help of Compact Electric Vehicles and Ligier, Royal Mail will work to reduce its carbon emissions with hopes of becoming Net Zero by 2050.

Keeping at pace with the Royal Mail, Nestle have also increased their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions by 2050. As part of their commitment to sustainability, they have launched a trial of an Electric Shunter at their distribution centre and there is also the opportunity to transition to electric transportation for other operations too!

Nestlé trial Compact Electric Vehicles BLYYD 100% Electric Shunter

As outlined, large companies like the Royal Mail and Nestle set great examples of how you can successfully upgrade your delivery fleet to electric. Electric vehicles are the future, and as last-mile and home deliveries aren’t slowing down anytime soon, don’t you think it’s time you and your business go green?

Want to discuss your options? Give the team at Compact Electric Vehicles a call and find out how they can provide you with an environmentally-friendly solution for your business.

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