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Benefits of Commercial Electric Vehicles for Businesses

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The realities of climate change and pollution are becoming increasingly apparent, so what we do next really counts. The UK government’s Net Zero Strategy aims to reduce the country's carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Transitioning to electric vehicles is one-way businesses can reduce carbon emissions now.

The impact of electrifying the commercial sectors' vehicle fleet would be huge. However, this wouldn’t just be good for the environment. In this blog post, we'll explore the many benefits of driving a commercial electric vehicle and why more and more companies are making the switch.


For any business, cost is always a significant factor. One of the top benefits of driving a commercial electric vehicle is that it's much cheaper to operate than a traditional gas-guzzler. Most electric vehicles are priced competitively so any cost savings realised through making the switch are almost instant. With so many different commercial electric vehicles available there is an option for everyone.

Compact Electric Vehicles is the sole UK importer of the Ligier Group’s Pulse 4 electric utility vehicles. The Ligier Group are a pioneer in the electric vehicle market and the number 1 supplier in Europe. They have been supplying European postal services and professionals in a wide array of sectors since 2010. Combined with partner Compact Electric Vehicles’ decade of experience, they are expanding their range available in the UK to include Box Vans, Refrigerated Vans, Flatbeds and Flatbed Tippers.

Ligier Pulse 4 range

To add to that, charging an electric vehicle is also much cheaper than filling up a vehicle with petrol, and maintenance requirements are generally lower.

Environmentally Friendly:

It's no secret that the transportation sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions across the world. Switching to electric vehicles can significantly reduce a business's carbon footprint and can also be a critical step in a business's journey towards net zero. This impact is even more important for businesses that operate a fleet of delivery trucks or other commercial vehicles. A great example of this is The Royal Mail who partnered with Compact Electric Vehicles to introduce Ligier Pulse 4 vehicles to their fleet.

Alongside this, the electricity used to charge electric vehicles comes from a wide array of sources, including cleaner renewable energy, which also helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Smooth and Silent Ride:

Driving an electric vehicle is a different experience. The ride is smooth, incredibly responsive, and virtually silent. But this comes as no surprise because electric vehicles run on an electric motor with no moving parts; translating to a more comfortable driving experience that is well suited for commercial use, especially in urban areas, where noise and emissions are a major concern.

Increased Brand Reputation:

There's no denying the positive brand reputation a company can gain through the use of zero-emission vehicles. As customers become more environmentally aware and conscious, ‘going green’ demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the environment that customers like and respect.

The Royal Mail is a great example of this. Having over 100 electric vans on the road already they’re on a mission to turn their legendary red fleet green. Their plans continue to grow with the use of electric trucks in London to move mail between sites.

Royal Mail Trial LIGIER PULSE 4 Throughout UK Major Cities…

Tax Incentives:

Governments worldwide are offering tax incentives, grants, and other subsidies to individuals and businesses that make the switch to electric vehicles. For companies that operate a fleet of commercial vehicles, this can amount to significant savings over time.

For anyone driving an electric vehicle in the UK, you’re exempt from the congestion charge in city centres. At £15 a day, if you are driving in and out of the city regularly, then this is a huge saving.

As we continue to make the transition to a more sustainable future, businesses that make the switch to electric vehicles are poised to gain a competitive advantage. The environmental benefits of doing so are well known and, as we’ve discussed, offer a wealth of other advantages, including lower operating costs, smoother rides, and positive impacts on brand reputation.

Electric vehicles are no longer a niche market, and as more people embrace the change, it's time for businesses to prepare for the future. Don't wait to make the switch, get the satisfaction of knowing you're doing your part today with Compact Electric Vehicles.

Take a look at our other offerings including the Ligier Pulse 3 Three-wheeled Electric Scooter, a nippy little number that’s a great addition to your fleet for last-mile delivery and postal rounds.

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