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The Ligier Group: Best Electric Vehicles for Commercial Use

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After 20 years of designing Formula 1 single-seaters, sportsman and motorbike champion, Guy Ligier, used the knowledge picked up through his career to diversify his business and steer it in a different direction. Teaming up with Microcar to create the Ligier Group, they were able to use both their sporting and technological experience to meet the evolving and innovative demands of the market and develop a range of electric micro-utility vehicles. 100% electric and modular, the Pulse 4 range is the result of the Ligier Group’s recent efforts.

These electric commercial vehicles are a great choice for those looking to optimise their fleet and include an eco-friendly option. Across the range a Clip System allows you to customise the rear accessories of a single vehicle to create flexibility and suit a selection of professions. In this blog, we’ll discover the different vehicle variations and how they can adapt to fit your professional needs easily.

The Benefits Commercial Electric Vehicles

The Benefits of the Ligier Group Pulse 4 Electric Vehicle Range

Pulse 4 Flatbed

Available in a short or long version, the Ligier Electric Flatbed is a versatile piece of machinery that can handle a variety of cargo. Featuring a drop-side tray and large loading area it’s ideal for transporting and loading heavy tools, goods or waste.

To make loading and unloading even easier, a tilting tray that’s powered by hydraulic cylinders and operated by a remote control can be added to the longer version of this electric utility vehicle.

Ideal options for this configuration include support for hanging tools, right and left-side open boosters, reflective strips and an AK5 warning triangle.

Ligier Group Pulse 4 Electric Flatbed

Pulse 4 Box Van

Whether short or long, the Ligier Electric Box Van has been designed with urban mobility in mind. Featuring lockable side and rear roller shutters, a large loading space and shelving allow you to easily access the van’s interior and store and transport packages of all shapes and sizes.

Created for ‘stop and go’, last-mile journeys it enables you to securely and rapidly transport goods without CO² emissions. With a 246km/153miles range, it’s a great vehicle to consider for local councils, universities, colleges, and delivery companies.

Power steering, side storage boxes and pedestrian warning can be added as extras.

Ligier Group Pulse 4 Electric Box Van

Pulse 4 Refrigerated Van

Via its cold storage box, the Liger Electric Refrigerated Van lets you transport up to 1.2M3 of produce. Whether that be fruits and veg or pharmaceuticals, the refrigeration box keeps a constant temperature and the refrigerated enclosure has the capacity to produce cold independently.

Included with this configuration are ATP certification and an independent refrigeration unit battery that can be recharged and plugged directly into a 230v/50-60 Hz mains socket. You can customise the configuration with additional extras such as side storage boxes, pedestrian warning and glass doors.

Ligier Group Pulse 4 Electric Refrigerated Van

Pulse 3 Electric Scooter

Alongside the Pulse 4, the three-wheeled Ligier Electric Scooter featured in the Pulse 3 range is easy to manoeuvre and handle with customisable storage options and a pendulum system, making it perfect for delivery services operating in urban areas. It’s an alternative option to consider if you are looking for a smaller electric vehicle that can zip you right into the heart of the city.

Ligier Group Pulse 3 Electric Scooter

The Ligier Group range makes upgrading and expanding your fleet to include more environmentally friendly, versatile vehicles simple. What makes it even simpler is the help Compact Electric Vehicles can provide. As the sole UK importer of Ligier electric utility vehicles, their expertise and knowledge can charge up your life and provide you with an electric transportation solution tailored to your needs.

To get up close and personal with these vehicles and find out more, book a demo and a member of the team team will be in touch.

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