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Little Aston Golf Club, Coldfield, Sirius Luxury Golf Buggy

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Renowned for its prestigious history and commitment to excellence, it was in 1908 when Little Aston Golf Club was formed. Since then the club has hosted many famous faces, and championships and continuously developed the grounds to create a visitor experience that can’t be matched.

Now, with the help of Compact Electric Vehicles, the club has embarked on a significant shift towards environmental sustainability. Recognising the importance of reducing its carbon footprint, the club decided to replace its fleet of petrol-powered golf buggies with lithium-ion-powered alternatives.

What was the challenge?
The primary challenge faced by Little Aston Golf Club was to find a sustainable alternative to their existing petrol golf buggies without compromising on performance or reliability. The club needed buggies that could match the durability and efficiency of their previous fleet while aligning with their green initiatives.

How did we help?
Supplying Little Aston Golf Club with four Sirius Luxury all-electric golf buggies, we demonstrated how an electric vehicle could benefit the club and support its needs.

These luxury buggies offered several advantages over their petrol counterparts, including lower carbon emissions to help the club contribute to a cleaner, greener environment and lower maintenance costs. In addition to this, the silent operation of these electric buggies helps to improve the tranquillity of the club, enhancing the overall player experience.

Already prestigious by name, Little Aston Golf Club is in full swing, embracing innovation to lead by example. The significant move to add all-electric buggies to their fleet reduces carbon emissions and operational costs and improves the golfing and guest experience. As Little Aston Golf Club pioneers this forward-thinking approach, it’s set to inspire more clubs to do the same.

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