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Trentham Estate, Stoke-on-Trent, 14 Seat Shuttle Bus

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First approaching Compact Electric Vehicles in 2022, Trentham Estate was looking for new and innovative ways to utilise Electric Vehicles on-site. The tourist attraction based in Stoke-on-Trent is now expanding its fleet and continuing to make positive changes that work towards a Net Zero Carbon Footprint.

How did we help?

We delivered a fully electric 14-seater bus to help the estate conduct public tours more sustainably.

The standout feature is the PA system, fitted to ensure Trentham can guide and educate their visitors on the wildlife and history of the gardens. Other features to note on this model are the 6.4m turning radius, a top climbing ability of 20% fully loaded, 37-50 mile range and onboard charging.

Adding such a vehicle to their fleet, Trentham is now able to provide better access for less mobile customers to explore and experience their 725 acres.

14 Seater Electric Bus delivered to Trentham Estate

Compact Electric Vehicles has also supplied 3 Ligier Flatbed Tippers to help the estate work more efficiently. With a large loading area and detachable side, these vehicles are predominantly used to help maintain the gardens and set up seasonable events and concerts hosted here. Along with the 14-seater bus, Trentham also utilises a 2+2 people carrier for general use.

Ligier Flatbed Tipper delivered to Trentham Estate.

As part of the Pulse 4 range from Ligier, the Tipper is modular with a variety of rear options to suit the way you work. All vehicles in this range are manufactured using aluminium making them durable and built to last with lithium batteries as standard and spacious cabins for comfort.

It’s been great to support the business and help identify vehicles that will best fit their different work environments and all weather conditions. As a long-standing and returning customer, we are delighted to further enhance their electric fleet.

For more information on our range of electric vehicles and how they can help you, contact a member of our team today.

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