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Trentham Estate, Stoke-on-Trent, Ligier Pulse 4

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Compact Electric Vehicles, the UK's No.1 Commercial Electric Vehicle Retailer, delivered a fleet of 100% zero-emission vehicles suitable for maintaining and transporting people around the estate.

Trentham approached Compact Electric Vehicles as they were looking for new and innovative ways to utilise Electric Vehicles on their site… This is where we came in, supporting their journey towards a Net Zero Carbon Footprint!

Trentham have been looking for innovative ways to utilise Electric Vehicles on their site around the gardens. So what did we supply them with?

  • We delivered a fleet of THREE Ligier Pulse 4 Electric Tipper Vans suitable for maintaining the gardens and estate.
  • Lithium Powered EV 4+2 People Carrier which is the ideal vehicle for transporting people around the site safely and in an environmentally friendly way.

Trentham were pursuing vehicles which supported their journey towards a Net Zero Carbon Footprint. One such route was to review their vehicle allocation and look at new and innovative ways by utilising Electric Vehicles on the Trentham site. We supported them in identifying vehicles which would best fit the different work environments.

The fleet of Electric Vehicles provided fulfils the requirements for clean energy-efficient vehicles, which also offer comfort and overnight charging.

Are you looking for a similar requirement or to upgrade your commercial vehicle fleet? Give us a call today on 01384 238000 or visit our website at

About Trentham

Trentham Gardens is an award-winning leisure and tourism destination in Staffordshire, England. The estate offers one of the UK’s most diverse days out with a range of leisure activities for all ages and sits on a 725-acre estate attracting more than 3.2m visitors per year.

The estate boasts a range of attractions including gardens, a children’s adventure play area and maze, a mile-long lake, a garden centre and a shopping village with a mix of shops, cafes and restaurants. They even have a monkey forest, which offers visitors the opportunity to walk amongst Barbary Macaques monkeys.

Make sure you pay them a visit and keep an eye out for their new fully Electric Vehicles along the way!

Feel free to visit their website:

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