3p Per Mile

With as little as 3p per mile running costs, our electric vehicles offer a cost effective solution that is easy to budget for.

Significantly cheaper to run than a normal vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, many of our electric vehicles will allow you to drive for 100 miles with one single charge. If you add to this that vehicles that are run by electric have less moving parts then you will soon realise that this means there are less parts to go wrong or replace. This means less servicing and much lower maintenance costs. With fuel prices constantly in fluctuation, the price of petrol and diesel can be a big burden to any business with a commercial vehicle fleet.

By switching to electric vehicles, significant savings can be made in the long run. As well as the cost savings there are also the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) aspects to think about. By choosing a more eco-friendly transportation solution you are making a considerable contribution to a greener planet. You can’t put a price on that!