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University of Manchester, Manchester, Ligier Pulse 4

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The University of Manchester recently undertook a significant step in upgrading its facilities and estate team's fleet.

To improve their operations, the University of Manchester's facilities and estates team identified the need to upgrade one of its waste coordination vehicles. Previously, the team utilised a Goupil electric vehicle with outdated battery technology. The Goupil vehicle required extensive maintenance, leading to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

In a strategic move to address these challenges, the University took delivery of a right-hand drive Ligier Electric Flatbed Tipper. The key factors influencing this decision included:

Maintenance-Free Lithium Battery: Ligier's lithium battery does not require the high levels of maintenance previously experienced. This shift not only reduces ongoing maintenance costs but also increases vehicle uptime, ensuring more consistent waste management operations.

Flexibility in Charging: The electric vehicle can be charged at any standard 3-pin plug socket, eliminating the need for a dedicated charging area. This flexibility greatly enhances the operational efficiency of the facilities and estates team, allowing for more adaptable route planning and vehicle deployment across the campus.

Environmental Impact: By opting for a vehicle with a maintenance-free lithium battery, the University of Manchester further reduces its environmental impact. Lithium batteries are known for their longer life span, higher energy density, and efficiency, contributing to lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

The adoption of the Ligier Electric Tipper has yielded several immediate benefits and aligns with the university's broader sustainability goals, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach and commitment to reducing environmental impact through smarter, greener technology choices.

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