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Sandwell Park Golf Club, West Bromich, Capella 2 Pro

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Sandwell Park Golf Club recognised a crucial need to update its golf cart fleet. Faced with the challenge of escalating costs and diminishing returns on investment, particularly when considering the purchase of second-hand buggies, the club sought a solution that would offer both financial sensibility and reliable service. This is where Compact Electric Vehicles stepped in, providing a timely and effective resolution.

The core issue was clear: the club was spending more on second-hand buggies than the cost of new ones, without the benefits of newer technology or reliability. This inefficiency was a problem Paul Ward, the golf manager, aimed to rectify. In his search for value and quality, Paul turned to Compact Electric Vehicles, attracted by their promise of delivering both at competitive prices.

How did we help?

Compact Electric Vehicles presented the Capella 2 Pro golf buggies as the ideal solution. These vehicles offered not just great value for money but also came with the assurance of quality service and support. Paul appreciated the company’s responsiveness and thoroughness in addressing any concerns, a testament to the customer-focused approach of Compact Electric Vehicles.

With the delivery of the Capella 2 Pro golf buggies, the club now enjoys enhanced mobility options that are cost-effective and don’t compromise on quality.

We’re here to help! If you have a similar issue or are interested in upgrading your fleet, get in touch with a member of our expert team today!

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