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North Wales Golf Club, Llandudno, Capella 2 Pro

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North Wales Golf Club faced a challenge common to many golf courses: improving the efficiency and quality of their fleet while managing costs. The solution came in the form of the delivery of four Capella 2 Pro Golf Buggies, a move spearheaded by PGA Professional Richard Bradbury.

What was the problem?

The club's existing fleet was ageing, and the cost of replacing with traditional models like EZGO was expensive. Additionally, there was a pressing need to enhance the overall user experience for members and guests.

How did we help?

Compact Electric Vehicles introduced the Capella 2 Pro, offering a balance of affordability, performance, and reliability that the club was seeking. Moreover, the promise of excellent customer service and efficient after-sales support made the decision even more appealing.

The delivery and integration of the new buggies were swift and seamless. The company's proactive support ensured any issues were quickly resolved, minimising disruption and maximising satisfaction among the club.

The introduction of the buggies has been met with positive feedback from both staff and visitors. Richard Bradbury highlighted the affordability and quality of the product. "Delivery was efficient, the backup support has been brilliant, and initial feedback from customers is fantastic," Bradbury noted, emphasising how Compact Electric Vehicles played a crucial role in solving the club's challenges.

Conclusion Compact Electric Vehicles provided North Wales Golf Club with a cost-effective and quality solution through the Capella 2 Pro Golf Buggies, directly addressing the club's need for an upgraded fleet. Their exceptional customer service and efficient after-sales support ensured a smooth integration, leading to positive feedback from users.

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