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Coastal BID, Bournemouth, Ligier Pulse 4

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Watch the Case Study video below…

Compact Electric Vehicles supplies the Bournemouth Coastal BID with a brand NEW Ligier Pulse 4 Electric Tipper Van!

Supporting a total of 760 eligible businesses within the Coastal BID area, the objectives of the BID are to:

  • Increase the number of people visiting Bournemouth off-season and persuade them to stay longer.
  • Encourage visitors and local people to explore more of our unique coastal strip.
  • Provide visitors and local people with reasons to spend more in local coastal businesses.
  • Improve everyone’s experience and encourage repeat visits.

This is where their NEW Ligier Pulse 4 Electric Tipper comes in! The purpose of the fully electric truck is for local environmental stewards to service and maintain areas in and around Bournemouth. Carrying out jobs including the removal of graffiti, plant watering, waste recycling and other community tasks up and down the area and coastal strip.

The truck provides a cost-effective long term solution ready to maintain and support local areas and businesses within the vicinity. The Ligier is the perfect vehicle for the stewards, helping support them in their daily activities. The truck is also small in size, manoeuvrable and fully electric.

We caught up with Fiona McArthur from the Bournemouth Coastal BID, here’s what she had to say:

Since having the Ligier Pulse 4 how has it made servicing Bournemouth any easier?

Our truck has enabled us to expand on the type of support that we provide our levy-paying businesses. It is fair to say that it has made innovative types of support possible, rather than just easier.

Why did you decide to go Electric?

Businesses have to find greener ways of working and the Coastal BID is no different. Buying a vehicle with conventional power just didn’t sit well with our aims and ethos, particularly with this project.

What sort of features has your Pulse 4 Vehicle come with? And how have they improved your working day?

Aside from the obvious road tax and corporation tax benefits, the real benefit is that we can demonstrate to our levy payers that we are doing our best to minimise environmental impact when carrying out our support activities.

What sort of daily activities does the Ligier participate in?

We have employed 2 environmental stewards who go to businesses and our trading areas getting rid of graffiti and responding to calls from our businesses. They will also go around businesses collecting food waste and coffee grounds which they then take to the roof of our local shopping centre. Here they turn it into compost which is then used in Grounded Communities’ ‘Secret Gardens’ to grow vegetables donated to local food banks and low-income families.

Have you named the vehicle and do you enjoy driving it?

She is called Lucy and we love driving around in her. The attention that we receive is astonishing - from people beeping their horns or children waving. Lucy, as well as enabling innovative green support to our businesses, is probably the best moving billboard that we could have.

“To be honest we thought that this type of service and vehicle would be beyond our budget, but we started chatting to Compact Electric Vehicles and discovered that the costs were not out of reach.

They guided us through the whole process, advising us on insurance and fabricating a bespoke kit for the back of the truck, which catered exactly for our requirements. The truck was delivered on time and sign-written to our specification, without hassle or worry.”

Providing an eco-friendly, low running cost solution, the Electric Tipper is ideally suited featuring a tailored skid-mounted high-pressure watering system. This gives Coastal BID the tools to keep Bournemouth ready for visitors all year round!

The Tipper is ideal for stop and go journeys in towns and city centres. Suitable for jobs including bin collecting, urban street furniture cleaning and providing electrical watering solutions.

Our range of 100% Electric Commercial Vehicles offers an innovative, versatile and eco-friendly solution for your business.

Running an operation that requires a bespoke solution like the Bournemouth Coastal BID?

Get in touch with the Compact team on 01384 238000 or contact us to explore the benefits of our Commercial Electric Vehicles!

Visit the Electric Tipper Here.

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