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Aston Villa Football Club, Bodymoor Heath Training Ground, Capella Electric Ambulance

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In compliance with Premier League regulations requiring all clubs to have an electric ambulance available at both the stadium and training grounds, Aston Villa Football Club has taken a significant step forward in enhancing its emergency response capabilities at the Bodymoor Heath Training Ground.

Previously, the club relied on a traditional, non-electric ambulance that was deemed unsuitable for the fast-paced requirements of a football club's training facility. The need for a modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution became apparent, especially in situations requiring swift medical intervention.

Aston Villa Football Club chose the Capella Electric Ambulance, a compact, electrically powered emergency vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with a 210Ah lithium battery, offering a 60-80 mile range on a single charge, with an 8-9 hour recharge time. It's capable of seating two people in addition to the casualty.

The introduction of not one, but two Capella Electric Ambulances at Bodymoor Heath Training Ground has significantly improved the club's emergency response capabilities. Its compact size allows for easy manoeuvrability, ensuring that medical personnel can reach injured players without delay. The ambulance's electric nature aligns with the club's sustainability goals, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener environment.

Capella Ambulance with 2 seats and stretcher

The Electric Utility Vehicles' onboard charging feature simplifies the recharging process, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure or messy top-ups. As stated by a spokesperson, "There’s no reason to doubt battery power these days. Our range of lithium-ion powered vehicles brings a perfect maintenance-free solution to our range of passenger and utility electric vehicles."

The adoption of the Capella Electric Ambulance exemplifies how sports organisations can leverage modern technology to improve their operations while adhering to regulatory requirements and sustainability principles.

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