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Bluto, London, Ligier Pulse 4 Electric Box Van

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We are pleased to announce the delivery of a new ‘Ligier Pulse 4’ electric box van to our new customer Bluto London - delivering fresh artisan bread to your door every day!

Created by bread lovers for bread lovers, Bluto is an innovative and original bread delivery service covering the West London area. Needing to keep costs low and aiming to supply customers with a local, eco-friendly and sustainable approach to their deliveries. Bluto approached Compact Electric Vehicles for a solution.

Introducing the Blutomobile…

Improved vision with anti-glare windows that reduce unwanted reflections.
Canvas shutter with bespoke promotional materials on brand for the customer.
Different size storage boxes are available and suited to your needs.

The LIGIER box van is the perfect vehicle to support them in their daily deliveries of fresh artisan bread in and around the West London area. The Ligier box van is nippy, manoeuvrable and fully electric, perfect for working in the busy London area whilst beating the congestion charge.

Available in short or long versions, Bluto opted for the shorter version of the Pulse 4 meaning the solution was ideally suited to urban mobility in and around London City Centre.

We even provided the sleek decals so that the ‘Blutomobile’ can be easily recognised out and about!

The LIGIER Pulse 4 from Compact Electric Vehicles is the essential 100% electric vehicle to support your business. With low running costs and zero emissions, our electric vehicles offer a cost-effective solution that is easy to budget for.

To find out if the Pulse 4 box van is the perfect fit for your business, make sure you check out the product description.

Or for more information on our entire range get in touch today on 01384 238000 or contact us.

To find out more about Bluto’s story, or to get your hands on some of their amazing bread, check out their website.

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