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Hybrid Tipper

Hybrid Tipper

Hybrid Tipper

  • 2 passengers
  • Maximum speed 40 km/h in electric mode
  • Road approval
  • 70 km/h in hybrid mode
  • Range up to 400 km (including 80km in electric mode)
Hybrid Tipper

Hybrid Tipper


  • Electric engine: 5,4 kW
  • Batteries: 240 Ah or 320 Ah (Warranty 4 years (2+2) or 1 500 cycles)
  • 4 stroke petrol engine
  • Maximum power: 15 kW
Hybrid Tipper

Hybrid Tipper


Hybrid Tipper variants coming soon.

Hybrid Tipper

Additional Information

  • Weight of empty vehicle : 979 kg (without doors)
    (with batteries 240 Ah)
  • Internal length: 2.34m
  • Internal width: 1.38m
  • Internal width of wide deck: 1.54m
  • Overall length: 4,00 m
  • Overall width: 1,80 m
  • Overall high: 1,90 m
  • Overall deck length: 2,50 m

The perfect hybrid solution for ‘stop and go’ urban maintenance

The Goupil G5 E-hybrid Tipper is a dual mode Electric-Hybrid utility vehicle which can be run on electric drive only, hybrid drive and on the engine alone (ICE-Mode) when the battery is empty. In hybrid mode it can achieve over 200 miles and gives you all the benefits of electric as well as the ‘fuel and go’ principle of engine vans for longer journeys.

With free road tax and low running costs, hybrid tippers are perfect for stop and go journeys such as bin collecting and street furniture cleaning.

Hybrid Tippers are in big demand by local authorities who use them extensively in parks, cemeteries, gardens and other green spaces as well as for urban maintenance.

They are also increasingly being used in industrial settings where they can offer high performance with operational efficiency.

To find out more about our superb range of hybrid tippers please contact us now.

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