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Hybrid Collector

Hybrid Collector

Hybrid Collector

  • Road approval
  • 2 passengers
  • Maximum speed 40 km/h in electric mode
  • 70 km/h in hybrid mode
  • Range up to 400 km (including 80km in electric mode)
Hybrid Collector

Hybrid Collector


  • Electric engine 5,4 kW
  • Batteries 240 Ah or 320 Ah (Warranty 4 years (2+2) or 1 500 cycles)
  • 4 stroke petrol engine
  • Maximum power: 15 kW
Hybrid Collector

Hybrid Collector


Hybrid Collector variants coming soon.

Hybrid Collector

Additional Information

The ideal hybrid solution for early morning or late night urban maintenance

Our range of hybrid waste collectors provide the ideal solution for bin collection and street and pavement maintenance. Tailor-made for driving in cities and towns, sport centres, railway stations, airports, camping sites and tourist centres, they offer a superb eco-friendly option to any street urban maintenance requirements.

With the ability to run virtually silently, our hybrid waste collectors are perfect for late night or early morning maintenance work without making disturbance.

Its narrow design allows for easy transportation in narrow roads and with a generous payload of up to 700 kg it offers superb capacity.

If you are looking for a cost effective, eco-friendly and convenient waste collection solution then you’ve just found it!

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