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The multi-functional vehicle that can be tailored to your requirements


Compact, efficient and highly manoeuvrable - the multi-functional vehicle that can be tailored to your requirements

Our range of Goupil G1 multi-functional and multi-purpose vehicles provides the perfect 21st century transportation solution. Compact, efficient and highly manoeuvrable, the G1 will give you low emissions, excellent load capacity and the versatility to meet the demands of different industries.

The Goupil G1 is only 1.1 metres wide and has a turning circle of just 3.2 metres and can tow up to 3 tonnes. An extensive range of accessories are available for the vehicle including canopies for 2 or 4 seat set-up and a drop side pick up load area.

It is ideal for the following work applications, parks & gardens, factories, warehouses and industrial sites, universities & college, zoos and tourist/leisure sites, golf courses and also airports.

Since 1996 Goupil has been designing and manufacturing innovative electric utility vehicles. Their range of multi-purpose vehicles are tailored for theme parks, green spaces, facility management, farms and estates and transport and logistics.
Whether you’re looking for a tailored maintenance service contract or long-term hire/leasing solutions we can provide you with the service you are looking for.

To find out more about the Goupil G1 and how you can benefit from its versatility, please contact us now.

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Goupil G1

Goupil is the European leader in the manufacturer of Electric vehicles with over twenty versions available on a modular chassis. Goupil’s range of electric vehicles include the ground breaking G1.