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Hybrid Vehicles


The perfect hybrid solution for ‘stop and go’ city centre transportation


The perfect hybrid solution for ‘stop and go’ city centre transportation

Our superb range of Electric Hybrid vehicles are compact, manoeuvrable, on-road approved and available in a wide range of styles to suit the needs of our Local Authority, industrial, delivery and commercial customers. Perfect for urban maintenance, waste collections, plants and flowers maintenance and dealing with local deliveries, electric hybrid vehicles are used extensively in town centres, parks and gardens, cemeteries, tourist/leisure sites, airports and ports.

The electric hybrid Goupil G5 offers payloads of up to 600kg and has a maximum speed of 70 kmh in hybrid operation. With excellent range, the electric hybrid technology makes the G5 the ideal utility vehicle for working from depots outside of city centres. Engine power can be used for the journey from the depot to the city centre and then the G5 can be switched to electric mode for the ‘stop and go’ journeys through the urban make-up of the city centre. When the vehicle is in electric mode there are no emissions so it offers eco-friendly transportation.

Available as a tipper, box van, waste collector and drop side vehicle, the narrow design makes it ideal for confined spaces and congested traffic, allowing stress-free travel around busy urban centres. The silent running of the vehicles also allows them to perform tasks late at night or early in the morning without causing disturbance to the local population.

For businesses looking for a cost effective, eco-friendly and sustainable solution to their transportation needs, our range of Electric Hybrid Vehicles offers reliability, efficiency and innovation.

To find out more about Electric Hybrid Vehicles and how the G5 could benefit your business then please contact us now and speak to one of our specialist team. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.