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Mega Trucks


Mega Trucks are renowned for producing highly compact and ultra-light utility vehicles with bespoke applications to suit a wide variety of uses. Extensively used by local authorities, parks and gardens, ports, airports, universities, hotels, leisure parks and hospitals, Mega Vehicles offer a practical and economical solution for the logistics transportation of waste, goods and people.

The Multitruck and the Worker are particularly well suited and adapted to cleaning and urban street maintenance. Their compactness makes it easy to traverse through narrow streets and its ability to move without noise allows it to perform its tasks early in the morning or late at night without disturbing the local population.

Ideal for short trips and frequent stops, the automatic transmission enables the operator to drive with ease and the cabin area is one of the most spacious for a vehicle of its category. There are also various glove and storage compartments for tools and personal items.

The vehicles can be adapted for different uses. For example, the Tipper version is equipped with a cage for secure loading and the skip tipper enables quick and comfortable loading and unloading.

The Diesel Multitruck (D-Truck) is a low emission diesel vehicle which offers low running costs and the e-worker electric vehicle is 100% electric, pollution-free and offers an outstanding eco-friendly transportation option. Both vehicles are perfectly adapted for their environment.

The Chassis cab version also allows for customisation enabling the vehicles to be adapted for selling sandwiches, coffee, fruit juice, crepes, hot dogs and other convenience foods and drinks.

From vans and drop-sides to tippers and pick-ups there are a variety of options for Mega Vehicles. To find out more about the range we supply then please contact us now.